Thank You Favors: Why Didn’t I Think of that Before?

Choosing the right wedding favors that will please everyone isn’t easy. Everyone doesn’t have the same taste as you, so going with favors that are both thoughtful and creative is important. But, who said everyone has to receive the same wedding favors? Family and friends are exceptional, and treating them that way can really touch their hearts.


In this blog, we will discuss a few such favors, such as arranging for Dallas Party Bus Rentals instead of limos, making your toasts, and getting personalized gifts to go the extra mile.


Ride with Them:

Reaching your wedding venue in a stretch limo has become a common norm, but how many people can you really fit in a limo? A maximum of 6-8 people? If you a have larger family than that and you also want your closest friends to ride along with you, book Party Buses in Dallas and ride with them all.


Party Bus Dallas TX are great if you don’t want any of your guests to feel left-out.

Notes on a handkerchief:


If you want to go with something more personal than Party Buses in Dallas, you can always go with personalized table decorations, such as a thank you card as a centre piece, or a handkerchief with personal notes hand-sewn onto them.



You can dedicate your wedding to your closest people to show them how much they are valued for all the things they have done for you. A great way to show them this is a slideshow of all the good times you spend together with heartfelt quotes.


A well-thought of Toast:

Words of praise, when paired with the right emotions, can go a long way to male others feel loved. Even if you plan to keep your wedding toast casual, adding a few earnest sentences about your family and friends, and how much they mean to you, will only make your toast more memorable!


Gift things to them that they will Actually Use:

When choosing wedding favors for immediate family members, always pick things that will come in handy to them. If they share a passion for adventure, you can book Dallas Party Limos Buses  for them to take a country tour. If they are more into literature, a subscription to their favorite magazines can also do, and if they are into sports, get them front seats to any upcoming ball game.


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